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The Brief

This site is located in the Countryside, often referred to as 'The Greenbelt'. Planning policies for the countryside change with considerable frequency however we were confident of securing Planning Permission for this house due our experience in such applications and our ability to keep abreast of policy changes.
The client is the owner of a working farm and wished to build a new home more suitable to his family's needs in the farming business. The primary concerns were that this should be located conveniently within the farm, single storey with four bedrooms and an attached garage.

The Challenges

Fluctuating Planning policies were the main challenge on this application, however our close contacts with Planning Service enabled us to work through these to a very successful conclusion.

The Design Process

To start the design process we obtained a large-scale map of the local area and walked the farm with the client. This enabled us to determine a location for the new house that would benefit most from available views and access lanes whilst being practically sited and integrating well visually to form a traditional 'cluster' pattern of buildings. The next challenge was to agree on the external appearance of the house, a matter on which the client agreed with our proposals for a single-storey form in traditional materials and proportions.

The Solution

With the site location and dwelling style agreed we then worked closely with the client to agree on an internal layout which would best suit the family's needs. This resulted in a 'T'-shaped footprint with living areas at the front and a full bedroom wing to the rear. This also benefitted the external appearance of the house giving a very cottage-style elevation to the front. Finally the garage was added, accessed directly from the kitchen and set back on the frontage to help break up the roof line and add to the character of the house from the driveway approach.
The application was very well received by Planning Service and the local Council and was approved without delay

We then worked up the constructional details to Building Control standard, including the necessary specification of non-mains drainage provisions, etc and again approval was received without issue.
The house now stands as an excellent example of what Planning policy-makers regard as appropriate and beneficial countryside development.

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