9yards Remote Working During Coronavirus

At 9yards we’re taking the Coronavirus pandemic very seriously and are now working from home.

But we can still help you if you need design advice and we’re pleased to continue providing our free initial design consultations at a time when many of you are in isolation.

We now offer this service by telephone or video-call – in fact we’ve had great experiences of this over the years, mostly in helping with holiday homes in other countries.

As more of us are isolated at home our thoughts are likely to turn to how we’d like our houses to work better for us and, whilst we appreciate that spending on improvements might not be foremost in our minds at the moment, we’re confident that this event will pass, and we will all come out the other side – so why not have something to look forward to?

How  do remote consultations work?

So how do our remote consultations work? Well it’s fairly simple really and depends entirely on how comfortable you are with the various available technologies. Whilst the standard approach on receiving your enquiry would be to make an appointment to come to your house for a detailed consultation, we can instead make an appointment to provide your consultation by video-call or by phone. Video-call is best, as you can walk us around your house to better explain the existing layout and how you’d like this improved; we can also ask you to show us elements that are important to us as designers but which you may not have considered as relevant.

Just as with a face-to-face consultation we can explore the opportunities for extending and reconfiguring your home, identify any limitations imposed by the existing structure, and provide essential advice regarding Planning Permission and Building Control approvals.

Our preferred video-call medium is ‘Whatsapp’ as it allows you to move freely around to demonstrate the various areas & aspects of your house that you’d like help with, and it’s generally free to use.

Alternatively, if you’re a little more ‘old-school’ then we can offer the same consultation by phone. We need you to gather a little more information in advance and email this to us, for example photos of the specific rooms you’d like changed, photos of the exterior of your house, images of the type of space you’d like to create, etc.

Speaking of photos and ideas, we’re also very active on ‘Houzz.co.uk’, where clients often use the ‘IdeaBooks’ feature to share their photos and aspirations with us right through the design process – well they do say ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’!

Make an appointment

So why do we ask you to make an appointment for these consultations? Well primarily we want to be able to give you our undivided attention, without being interrupted by other phone calls, visitors, etc; but we also like to prepare for your consultation by checking local maps, satellite images, Planning policies, similar house-types we’ve completed, and many other aspects which enable us to give you the very best advice we possibly can – just the way we do for our face-to-face consultations.

Regardless of the method used, by the end of our consultation you can expect to be much better informed about the feasibility of your plans, the various processes involved (design, Planning, Building Control, construction, etc) and we will also be able to provide you with a written fee quotation for our design services. This will be emailed to you for you to consider at your leisure without any obligation whatsoever.

Have we mentioned they’re free?

If you’re happy to progress with our services then we can make arrangements to dimensionally survey your house in the most appropriate manner to suit your particular isolation circumstances – we have a number of different options for doing this without necessarily entering your home and we can help you chose the method most suitable for you. As usual, we will then produce existing plans of your house, use these to develop preliminary design proposals, work through these with you until we get them just right and get them submitted to Planners and Building Control as appropriate. And don’t forget, as the Planners’ target is to assess applications in a somewhat sluggish 12 weeks, and Building Control take another few weeks after this, by the time you come out the other side of isolation you should have all of your approvals in place ready for construction to start on your new project straight away – now there’s something to look forward to!

So if long days in isolation are reawakening dreams of home improvements and a desire for more space you know what to do – call the experts at 9yards! Get in touch