Whether you’d like an extended kitchen, a sun lounge, games room, or any other type of extension or refurbishment our aim on every project is to help our clients make the most of their homes as we know there is always hidden potential which can be unlocked by clever design

Whether you already have a site, are considering a replacement dwelling, are buying a site with outline or full Planning permission, have a large garden which you feel may be suitable, or have identified a valuable urban infill site, 9yards has the experience to guide you through the design and construction processes from start to finish.

9yards enjoys continued success across a wide range of commercial projects, from solicitors and insurance companies to bakeries, crèches, warehousing, restaurants, industrial units, fuel distributors and tourist accommodation, to name but a few. Put your continued business success in 9yards’ hands.

From low-volume urban infill sites to high-density apartment developments 9yards has the proven expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process from feasibility to completion.

Planning Service and estate agents are increasingly demanding that 3-D computer modelling be used to assist in their visualisation of design proposals. At 9yards we are way ahead of our peers in having such advanced design ability in-house.

Lease maps, site feasibility reports and 3-D visualisations are just some of the services we provide on a regular basis to established Estate Agents

We’re always happy to share our expertise, particularly in the legislative and legal arenas where we are often appointed to lease mapping, liquor licensing and Expert Witness roles, to name but a few.