At 9yards we use only the very latest design software and are extremely proud of our 3-dimensional design capabilities.

Whilst the majority of plans drawn for Building Control submissions are still produced in ‘traditional’ 2-dimensional format, Council Planning officers and estate agents are increasingly demanding that 3-D computer modelling be used to assist in their visualisation of design proposals. At 9yards we believe that we are way ahead of our peers in having such advanced design ability in-house

The most basic form of 3-D modelling we employ might be used, for example, to demonstrate the relative differences between gabled or pitched roofs, or to show how an extension might affect the aesthetics of an existing house.

At the other end of the spectrum we can produce photo-realistic fully detailed images for sales brochures, site advertising, financial institutions, etc. In fact the sales literature for any new development could easily be considered as incomplete without a fully rendered image and ours are often used for just such purposes…

We also offer a 3-D floorplan service for estate agents, private vendors, landlords and the hospitality sector, giving a unique 3-dimensional graphic representation of the layouts of houses for sale or rent, and even holiday accommodation. This has proved very beneficial to clients in attracting potential purchasers, tenants and visitors: not only is it much more eye-catching than a simple list of room sizes but it also has the potential to demonstrate the accommodation available in those properties where this is not readily apparent from photographs or the kerbside.

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