Services for Estate Agents

At 9yards we’re always here to help and as a large proportion of our work continues to come from established Estate Agents we’ve highlighted below some of the many services we provide to your profession on a daily basis.

Lease Maps

Whether for Rental Agreements or for sales, how many times have your negotiations faltered for the want of an accurate Lease Map? We provide Lease Maps for all properties and transactions, from simple boundary maps to complex commercial subdivisions, for short-term tenancies or for Land Registry submission. All at the most competitive prices and with the fastest response times available.

‘Site Potential’ Reports

Is the house you’re valuing set in gardens large enough to take another building site? Or does the site as a whole have the potential for redevelopment as a multi-site? Even if the grounds are of sufficient size there are many other factors that will influence whether or not a Planning application might be successful. Current Planning policies and zoning, access arrangements, development densities, etc need to be considered to get a better idea of the site’s real potential and therefore its true value. At 9yards we have years of experience (in good markets and bad!) in assessing site potential – check out our ‘Newbuild‘ Case Studies.

‘Building Potential’ Reports

As with Site Potential, vendors and landlords can often increase the value of their buildings by gaining an understanding of their potential alternative uses. For Commercial premises we can offer advice on Planning ‘Change of Use’ applications, the effects of limiting policies such as ‘Protected Housing Areas’, etc. For Purchasers we can also offer feasibility studies on the potential for extension and refurbishment which can often turn an ‘interest’ into an ‘offer’ – see our Case Study ‘Conservation Area Extension’ on just such a house in Malone Conservation Area.

3D Floor Plans

As homeowners become more accustomed to the 3-Dimensional floor plans which are now the norm in glossy House & Home magazines their expectations for presentation of sales & letting brochures grow ever higher. A list of estimated room sizes is no longer enough for customers used to graphic visualisations and 9yards’ cost-effective 3D floor plans are proving ever more popular and successful in making sales & letting literature stand out from the crowd.


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